Fixer Upper

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The concern is obvious,

New love runs deeply.

Our connection is natural,

Allowing my heart to fall freely.

I was forced to build walls, keep myself guarded

Learned from the pain, there’ll be no more hurting me harder

I carry that hurt, it’s tattooed in my mind

No more bandaids or temporary time-lines.

You honor your promises,

You make me feel safe

For once in my life,

I can open my gates.

Open the gates, let the bandaids fall

This one feels real, you assure me in our calls

Not calls fueled by jealousy or infidelity, but calls out of love

You’re picking up my pieces,

I can finally say I’ve won.

The words you use are sung gently

I was accustomed to rage

There’s nothing telling me to run,

This time it’s safe to stay.

I trust you wholeheartedly

You won’t let me down

My hurt and the scars are now being drowned out
What’s tattooed in my mind no longer consumes me

Because of you, my heart isn’t mandated under lock and key

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