I Should've Taken the Quick Night

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Would I throw you away for one quick night?

If you had the option would you leave or would you fight?

Fight for me and fight for us?

Do you find me too reckless, too hard to trust?

Would you run if I slipped an I love you,

Would you say it back?

Could you see yourself saying it too?

Or is it something you would lack

You led me on, made me feel wanted

Casted your spell, used your charm

I filled your voids, you had this plotted

Now because of you, any chance of feeling wanted sends out alarms

Tells me to run, protect myself

Put up the shields and never let them down.

You spun a web of lies, my words were always heartfelt

Charm you had, it gave you a false crown

I overrode my gut, things never felt quite right

I should’ve traded you for one quick night.

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